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Anna and Natasha see their relationships with their clients as being more than simply transactional. Instead, they like to become partners and share their journey with them, ensuring they always have the right personnel at the right time.

With over 15 years combined experience in the Sydney market, they are extremely well networked and established in the sector. Passionate and driven to do the best job every time, Anna and Natasha are honest and transparent throughout the process. Proud of the long-term relationships they have in the industry they are always keen to work with new clients and businesses and to further the work they do in the sector.


How we can help.

Strategic & Senior Appointments + Background

Whether you are a business looking for a strategic new hire to join your team or a candidate who feels they have reached a ceiling in their current company, we are experienced in Senior appointments, working professionally and discreetly through our networks with Senior level candidates.

Strategic & Senior Appointments

Temporary & Short-term contracts + Background

We are fully set up to offer pay rolling of contract staff. We provide high quality experienced contract staff for both short workflow issues and long-term project support.

Temporary & Short-term contracts

Permanent Recruitment + Background

We have an extensive network of Engineering professionals in our reach. We are committed to understanding the USP’s of each and every client and ensuring that beyond matching skills and qualifications we can confidently match the right work cultures for both clients and candidates.

Permanent Recruitment

Invested in Engineering + Background

We believe our commitment to the industry really sets us apart from our competitors. We are regular attendees at a range of industry events and are proud sponsors of the Association of Consulting Structural Engineers (ACSE).

Invested in Engineering