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The future of Flexible working in Engineering Consultancies

Pre COVID-19 only a handful of Engineering consultancies were promoting flexible working, I think it is fair to say for the majority of businesses the logistics and concept of Engineers working remotely seemed almost untenable. Fast forward through the last year and now one of the biggest talking points at client meetings is around flexible working policies. What to offer, what not to offer.... how much will a company’s flexible working policy impact on someone’s decision to make a move?

For some (and ourselves) the initial concept of working from home was great. A few months in we missed the office environment we craved the separation to enjoy our work and our home life. Of course, should you want to work from home its great to have that option and we know there are many factors that contribute to someone wanting that flexibility.

One of the great positives to come from the lockdown and working from home was the reconnection between families, so many posts on LinkedIn highlighting the special and valuable time people had shared with their children. Of course, it is interesting to hear of the different experiences with productivity, some clients speak of increased productivity and others note it has tailed off.  Graduates and Junior Engineers need that physical interaction for their ongoing training and development.

Working from home and having the flexibility is a such a personal preference – with so many personal factors that contribute to someone either really wanting it or not.

From our experience when speaking to candidates, it seems having the option available is key. Whatever a business may prefer, having a flexible (or not so flexible) working policy is now the new norm and there is no doubt that for many Engineers when making the decision to take the next step in their career, exploring a company’s policy will be a contributing factor in their decision whether they are seeking to work from home a lot or not, they want to know the option is available.